Monatmatic 🌸

🤍 Do the damn thing

My name is Anita (friends call me Awni or Neetz), I’m a momma to the naughtiest yet most sweetest 10 year old boy in the world. My world consists of, God, Autasi, Family & Coaching (in that order). I am obsessed with giving back to our youth & changing the world one athlete at a time. 👊🏼

My bestfriend got me on this Monat lifestyle & I honestly did it for ME & me alone. I love the hair products esp since I’m always changing up styles & colors 🤪 Juggling btwn being a mom, 2 jobs + coaching at the varsity level, I love to make time to focus on me. My health, my skin has always been a must. So that’s where Monat comes in 💜🖤

is it worth it!? I think it is. Should you join? That’s up to you— everyone joins for diff reasons & my reason I ain’t gonna lie, I’m not doing it for extra money Im doing it for ME. However, if you wanna be a part of something amazing even the business side of it JOIN THE TEAM or if you wanna just be like me & love on the products lol I’m here. Wanna know what the hype is about, any questions or concerns, swipe... You won’t regret it. ❤️🖤 I promise.

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