F O R E X & C H I L L 💰✨

How I’m turning a $300 USD investment into $100,000 USD on autopilot.

I was tired of the ‘rat race’ - living in a society that works for the week and lives for the weekend.

I refuse to live a life, where someone else is controlling my most valuable asset: my time.

I wanted financial freedom but also freedom with my time 🤌🏽✨ I am not after the money. I am after the freedom that comes with having money. It’s about the freedom to buy your time back; to build your legacy for generations after so they won’t have to do the same.

I have searched far & wide and I have finally found a way. Now I’m sharing it with you…

How, you may ask? By leveraging a platform called CashFX, which uses Pro Traders and a sophisticated algorithm, to trade my money for me 24 hours a day/5 days a week on the Forex market, the largest financial market in the world.

This pays us automatically EVERY SINGLE WEEK - there’s no joining fee; no membership fee; no monthly autoship fee; no selling/recruiting required. It’s 100% passive income, if preferred.

Unlike traditional banking systems, we want to show you how you can utilise this platform and receive 200% of what you originally invested. I mean, how good?!

So you have two choices when you receive your income:

1. Spend it
2. Invest it

Option 1 is easy and plays into short-term desires.

Option 2 requires discipline and will power to sacrifice instant gratification for long term financial security/freedom ✨

Generational wealth starts with one risk taker. Don’t spend another year doing the same sh*t! Now that you know better, you have to do better 💪🏽

If you’re interested, watch the video below, we explain how you can start with a $300 USD pack and in 51 months, you can be trading a $100,000 USD pack on the Forex market💰

Click on the link below to learn more about becoming a Bitcoin & Forex Investor 📲📊

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. I’m not claiming this is going to make you a millionaire overnight but the actions you take today could be the start of a whole new life of financial & time freedom ✨

What is CashFX?

CashFX Guide - New Zealand

Step-by-step guide on how to set up your CashFX account ✨

1. Create Blockchain wallet.

2. Purchase $300 USD ($500 USD, $1K USD, $2K USD, etc.) worth of Bitcoin via. Easy Crypto or Binance.

NOTE: You will need to manually add in a fee using Binance.

3. Ensure that you convert USD to NZD online before purchasing BTC. Also add in an extra $20 USD to cover any bits and bobs. Better safe than sorry 🤞🏽

4. Once you’ve purchased your BTC and transferred it to your Blockchain wallet, you can then register your CFX using the link:


5. Create your CFX account. Due to security reasons, CFX do NOT accept hotmail email addresses.

6. Once logged into CFX, you can then purchase your desired pack and fill in the necessary details.

7. In Easy Crypto or Binance, click on SEND and then copy the address of your CFX to the address to send the BTC. Also copy the amount CFX are requesting and paste that amount to the BTC tab in your Easy Crypto or Binance.

NOTE: Binance users - Ensure that you add the fee to the amount you are sending to CFX.

8. Click and submit.

9. Wait for the purple tick on your CFX screen + the confirmation email before you close your screen. The process may take 5-20 minutes and some times, may take up to a couple of hours for the BTC payment to clear into your account.

Do not stress if it takes awhile!

If you need any further assistance, do not hesitate to reach out.

CashFX Guide - Australia

1. Create your CFX account using the link:


2. Select your desired pack ($300 USD, $500 USD, $1K USD, etc)

3. Create and verify Binance account

4. Click on BUY NOW. Ensure that SPEND is in USD and BUY is in BTC.

You will need to buy the USD amount of your pack + $50 USD to cover any fees.

Example: If you’re purchasing a $300 USD pack, you will type $350 USD in the SPEND tab.

Choose your payment method.

5. Once you’ve purchased, go to your wallet and then FIAT & SPOT. Click on the BTC and withdraw.

6. Ensure that the currency you are withdrawing (which means you are sending money from your wallet) is in BTC.

Copy the address from CFX and paste it in the address requested by Binance.

Copy the EXACT amount of BTC that CFX is requesting and paste it in the amount to send from Binance.

Ensure that the network has BTC selected for the fee.

Then click SEND and wait to see 0/3 confirmation message on the CashFX website.

Note: Do NOT close the window, even after you get the purple tick. Keep the tab open until you get the confirmation email.

Once you’ve received the confirmation email, your pack will start trading after 72 business hours 📊✨

CFX Guide - Worldwide

Setting up CFX with a Binance Wallet for ALL/ANY country 🌏

Create your CashFX (once CashFX Guide is done)

Please ensure the above is completed first (follow either NZ or AU guide) - this is where you will purchase your pack.

Note: If your country is not mentioned, please let me know.

Wirex Card

You can order your Wirex through this link. What a Wirex does is it makes all crypto and traditional currencies equal. You earn up to 1.5% of Bitcoin back on spending. This is where I got mine…

How to use Wirex Card