You're probably thinking to yourself, "Who does Amber Ellis think she is?"

Well that's actually a question I asked myself a year ago.

I am a 23 year old that was bullied growing up, molested, overweight, poor, lived in trailers, slept on couches, went with out food, depressed, in a toxic relationship; as well as, worked 3 jobs and still couldn't pay bills. Within the last 2 years I have changed the algorithm of my life and what I accept! Yes I'm still growing, healing and evolving but I'm NO longer where I was!

Your Mind is way more powerful than you give it credit! 80 percent of the world don't think for themselves! Most of the things we believe now is not even our beliefs, but our ancestors beliefs that have been passed down to us. Also beliefs aren't even facts, but strong thoughts. The lenses through which you see life, which is influenced by your upbringing, environment, lived experiences, and visualizatons. Mindset is your foundation which you MUST master. You must be In contol of your thoughts, make sure they are your thoughts. You can change the trajectory of you as a brand and your reality by doing so; Stop the Pathology! Your thoughts come true! Why do you think someone is perfectly healthy and believes so but as soon as a "doctor" claims they have a 60 year old body and they really believe it , their body starts acting as so? You have the ability to change ! You have the ability to attract greatness and believe that you are who you aspire to be. Changing your mind to be positive will change your life to be positive.

Beliefs are thoughts on STEROIDS

Don't come up with reasons why it won't work!

Instead map out why it will, and speak to the universe HOW it will! Rewiring your mindset will create a life with freedom, because like I said earlier 80 percent of the world don't think for themselves. Why do you think alot of the older generations don't want you to be an entrepreneur but to have a regular 9-5 that you have to work 40 years before you can retire? Because that's how they were raised and what THEY BELIEVE is true.

I have switched my mindset with time and now understand I can attract positivity, peace, freedom, multiple streams of income, health and more.

It all starts with Mastory of the mind !

So the Question is, What do you want more of? Why haven’t you done it? And Would you like me to help?

Time is either going to EXPOSE you or PROMOTE you! I create and give a personal development program with a BOMB compensation plan attached to it! I build entrepreneurs, Beauty & Health Influencers, multiple streams, self confidence, self growth, generational wealth, and Freedom!

So those Questions you just answered… Are you READY to start putting them in motion ? As well as start your Hair, skin and wellness goals?

Your FUTURE is on the YES tied to the momentum to start!