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The girl with bangs? Oh that’s me! Hi, my name is Azalea LeiLani. I am a nineteen year old, aspiring poet who also dreams of traveling the world and writing about all of the moments I experience. Deep down in my heart, I always knew I never wanted a job in which I felt I was tied down to something I truly wasn’t passionate about.

If you feel the same, you’ve come to the right place! In the next card, you will have a chance to apply! Feeling doubtful? That was me at the end of October twenty-nineteenth. I felt no encouragement to go after what I was longing for, until I was brought into the huge opportunity and blessing that this business is. Meeting people with the such motivation and encouragement, filled me with the same. It was beyond refreshing to see such family-like bonds among these boss ladies! So here I am, just now getting started, encouraging you to take that LEAP OF FAITH & GO FOR WHAT YOU WANT! I’m excited to see where this journey takes you!

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