Azriel Eden

We’re all just walking each-other home. -Ram Dass

Welcome to my humble corner of the internet! My name is Azriel. I want to start by saying how strange it feels to be writing about myself. It feels as though I’m convincing you or myself of what and who I am. I could tell you things like where I’m from, what ethnicity I am and that I like hiking, coffee and cooking, but these things don’t define my existence or tell you anything about who I am.

So to start, I am many, many things...ever changing, as we all are. My essence is optimistic, curious and loving. I believe we are all bred from the same source, sharing the same sacred home—Earth. We are all equals but possess unique gifts that are meant to be shared with one another. A couple of my strengths are that I have a lot of energy and I am very sensitive(something I used to see as a weakness). A few of my weaknesses are that I forget to embrace my playful nature—I like to analyze things and this causes me to be “too” serious.

I am forever a student in this life. Learning to heal my ancestral wounds, navigate this journey with purpose and blossom into my highest self.

Things that are important to me:
Expanding my knowledge of the world & ancient philosophies
Music, Art & Creativity
Supporting my community
Self Development & Spiritual Growth
Environmental Conservation
Being present for my loved ones
Honest, reliable & loving relationships.

I am here to learn and to share. To help others, to create and to inspire✨