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Hiii! 🦁
For those of you that didn’t know my real name is Delany (pronounced as DE-luh-nee) but, I go by AzulaKilla on all my social media platforms, It’s a name I created for myself from being obsessed with the character Azula from Avatar because she reminds me of myself; BOLD, confident, crazy, fearless, fiery & a brat. I’m a Leo sun & moon w/ rising Pisces. I’m an 18 yr old Latina woman, figuring this whole life thing out. Ever since a youngin’ I knew in my heart i’d be successful & wealthy now, I’m just working to make it happen for myself. I’d consider myself an Entrepreneur, I consistently look for new ways to grow; mentally, physically, spiritually and financially $$$! I currently reside in Colorado, & although this is home I don’t plan on living here forever. Very soon I’m going to take on the challenge of facing the world by myself & i’m traveling a lot this 2021!! 🖤
My hobbies include; being in nature, hiking, meditating, reading, journaling, collecting anything Hello Kitty/Sanrio or SailorMoon, lifting weights, working out, doing nails, traveling, shopping & fashion (I hope to have my own brand one day!)
Nicknames I prefer: DJ or Azula

I made this website not only to give some insight to who I am, but to also aide others in reaching their goals.

Thank you all for the support i’ve been getting lately, it’s been super overwhelming & motivates me to only go harder, love for everyone!! Xoxo

My YouTube Channel

I’m recently starting cosmetology school and want to vlog my journey and experience, from getting licensed & starting my business!

This channel will be a bit of everything from workout videos,what I eat to gain weight,smoking content,lifestyle,nail videos, grwm,fashion,talking about the pros and cons of OnlyFans, & lots more!

I would appreciate it if you could support me on my journey to becoming the woman of my dreams!