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30 Day Breakaway

Introducing 30 Day Breakaway from Super Trainer and track-and-field athlete Idalis Velazquez. For the first time ever, Beachbody is bringing you a fitness program that’s designed to be taken outside. 30 Day Breakaway is your chance to get back to the basics, break away from the same old routine, and do what your body was born to do — run. You’ll have the option to choose between video or audio only workouts produced in both English and Spanish for a truly one-on-one experience. With a mix of running and resistance training 5 days a week, 20-30 minutes per workout, in just 30 days, you can discover the joy of running, build a strong, lean physique, and use that strength and stamina to take on a different kind of goal: completing a 5K.

9 Week Control

2020 feels like it has taken control of everything. Time to take it back with Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese’s newest program, 9 Week Control Freak! Autumn designed this program as three, 3-week phases that will increase in intensity and exercise difficulty. You’ll commit to five days of exercise per week with workouts ranging from just 18 to 30 minutes. On workout days, you'll also do Controlled Stretch sessions using stretching, breathing exercises, and other restorative techniques that will help prepare you for better sleep and recovery overnight.

Shaun T is BACK

Shaun T is back with an all-new dance fitness program that puts the emphasis on joy, positivity, and feeling good — while giving you an amazing and effective full-body workout. The LET'S GET UP! program is 30 minutes of pure joy, 6 days a week, for 30 days that's approachable to all dance and fitness levels. The workouts consist of easy-to-follow cardio dance sequences, bodyweight resistance training, and even some INSANITY-based moves set to music. Coming Spring 2021.

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