Embrace your Evil Queen and BeWitch the world

Hi Love! Welcome in my world!

I’m Marine, Shadow Work Coach and Business Witch. My purpose is to Empower Women by leading them through a « sur mesure » unapologetic power, intense flowy magic and passionate alignement journey.

As HellcheMistress and Intuitive Designer, I create for my Queen private clients Haute Couture Process based on my instinct and alchemy whose goal is to turn your darkest shadows (meaning everything that lives in your unconscious and you call fate) into pure fucking golden unlimited self love.

My unique process is woven with gold thread on your bare skin and consists to untie and undress you from all your learned about yourself, and then all by magic: sketching your dream’s Evil Queen outfits to allow you to embrace your dark witch dress unapologetically. And finally, you and I we will find what suits you perfectly and we’ll sew your unique piece entirely made of the deepest side of you right upon your bare skin, marrying all of your curves. During this process, you’ll learn :

- to know yourself fully and by that, to know what are your strengths and superpower
- to master your emotions by letting you feel them in the most intense way
- to let your intuition guiding you in your passion and create your own perfectly aligned reality
- to fully accept yourself and bend your destiny to your will to reclaim your power

So « My dear sweet child, that’s what I do, it’s what I live for » and if you’re ready… I swear it feels soooo good to be bad, and I will love your shadows so much that you’ll love them too and I’ll put so much pressure on your carbon soul, it’ll turn into dazzling imperfectly perfect raw diamond.

I only coach private queen clients upon application, so if you wanna put my fucking magic gifts at your service then DM me!

See you in Hell…