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If you’re here- first, WELCOME! & second- i have an inkling it may be because something caught your attention. You’re curious about something.

Maybe it’s the frugal tips, the way to learn to save money & live debt free. The opportunity to learn meal planning and grocery hauling like a pro. I can help with that.

Maybe instead you’re looking to amplify your beauty regime and boost that confidence. ✨ yassss! You totally deserve that. I would love to recommend your personal hair or skin care- just send me a DM.

But- maybe it’s more. Maybe the idea of making an income from WiFi really sparked your interest. That 9-5 job with minimal flexibility is not enough. Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom whose ready to earn additional income for her family (or mommy-spa-days out of the house 😏)

You scroll on your phone daily, you’re ambitious, your have goals to reach, why not make some money?

If you want to turn your scroll into income, work from anywhere, have more flexibility and do it alongside an amazing group of women, you have found the right spot!

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It’s Nice to Meet You!

10 ( or so) things to know about me!
Thanks for being here y’all ✨

🔅 I am 32 years old
🔅 I am a wife to my middle school sweetheart
🔅together we have 4 kids (3 girls and a boy)
🔅I grew up in Ohio and have never lived anywhere else
🔅 I was saved by grace through faith in May of 2009
🔅I am almost 8 years sober
🔅I prefer to drive everywhere because I get motion sickness easily
🔅I went to college and am a Registered Dental Hygienist. I practiced for 5 years before becoming my own business owner. I now enjoy mentoring others in business.
🔅I enjoy being outdoors, summer time and staying active.

What is Monat?

We are Modern Nature!

A revolutionary hair care line of naturally based products that address the effects of the environment, chemicals, product overuse and even aging.
MONAT Products Do More

Radiance is key to hair’s beauty. MONAT products help revitalize, hydrate and protect the hair’s appearance thanks to innovative technology and progressive ingredients.

How many hair products have you tried in your lifetime?
Probably dozens — if not hundreds.
Between the drugstore, the salon and upscale retailers, the choices are endless. Most consumers repeatedly try and buy new products because the result rarely lives up to the type. Even products we like stop being as effective over time. Why? Most of these products are designed to a narrow set of hair challenges, and as we reach different stages in life, these issues tend to change.

MONAT offers exclusive science formulas infused with our exclusive REJUVENIQE™ OIL INTENSIVE, delivering incredible moisture, renewing life to the hair and eliminating brittle texture. After just a few uses, you’ll see thicker, longer, stronger, healthy and youthful-looking hair … and the more you use MONAT, the more your hair benefits to sustain the beautiful appearance of healthy-looking hair by providing it with beneficial hydration, necessary cleansing and moisturization, nutrition for regrowth, plus the added benefit of UV protection to preserve hair’s radiance and help pause the signs of aging.

MONAT Products Are Naturally Pure

All MONAT products are naturally based, with pure active botanical blends combined with powerful new technology, such Red Clover Extract (Capixyl), and Pea Extract (Procataline), and Cordasorb™. These amazing ingredients protect the hair against UV and free-radical damage, and infuse each strand with vitamins and minerals that combat oxidative stress while proactive amino acids repair and replace intercellular function.


MONAT is one of the few products that will see you – and your entire family – through years of use. How can that be? Simply put, MONAT focuses on the health of the hair, so it addresses hair concerns that span the generations.

Are you in your 20s or 30s?

You’re brimming with health and vitality, but your hair has already been exposed to years of environmental and product damage. Start using MONAT to pack your hair with its naturally based ingredients for superior softness and manageability. At the same time, you’re preventing future damage with every use.

Are you in your 40s and 50s?

You may be at the prime of your personal and professional life, but your hair is starting to wear down and turn brittle from decades of exposure to heart, chemicals and pollutants. This is your chance to turn back time and baby your hair with MONAT’s intense moisturizing and thickening agents.

Are you in your 60s or beyond?

It’s never too late to reverse the damage your hair has been subjected to throughout your life. Use your senior status to show off a noticeably thicker, healthier head of hair, as well as your good judgment in choosing MONAT!

What does it mean to be a VIP?

Monat’s VIP program is the preferred customer program. It’s like a Sams Club or Costco membership on steroids.

A one time membership enrollment registration of $19.99 unlocks all the VIP perks. This registration is paid ONE time with your first purchase.

The perks include:

✨15% discount
✨An extra 15-25% off 24/7 when you mix & match
✨Free shipping on orders $84+
✨Free “ only for you” product each month
✨Access to flash sales
✨ a birthday gift
✨Access to exclusive promos
✨Membership to my private customer group ✨which includes tutorials, product knowledge and giveaways
✨your own VIP suite where you can explore products, see tutorials, place orders, modify flex orders & so much more.
✨an easy ability to upgrade to Market Partner at any time and save $20

We do NOT require autoshipments. instead we have Flexshipments- meaning:

*️⃣ full flexible shipments
*️⃣ fully customizable
*️⃣ you don’t receive anything you don’t want
*️⃣ I help you manage it to ensure you extend your benefits
*️⃣ 2 flex orders (whenever you want) lock you in as a VIP and the perks are yours for a lifetime.
*️⃣ designed to make your life easier.

Addressing Controversy

The high road is always respected. Honesty and integrity are always rewarded.

I’m well aware of all the controversy around Monat. When I had began using the products, I read a lot of it.

But, I pride myself in being someone who forms her own opinion. I avoid forming an opinion of something or someone based off of “he said, she said”. Along with that, in dental hygiene school I learned the importance of looking at the source of the articles you are reading. The author and their motives, who funds these articles and how credible are they? Anyone can post anything they want these days. & sadly many will believe anything they read.

Upon digging deeper, I found many opinionated articles and publications. Many with no scientific proof or truth behind them. I quickly learned that the beauty industry is extremely cut throat. Meaning that- many companies who produce and sell hair care products have been accused of causing negative scalp and hair irritations. Companies include- Wren, L’Oreal, TRESemme, Pantene, Olaplex and more.

It is important to know, these irritations are possible with ANY product you use on your skin. Allergies are real. If a reaction occurs, I always recommend to stop using the product. No matter what.

One thing I found super important of Monat products specifically is that they are independently tested. This means that they are tested by a company (ALLERGISA) that does not conduct their studies and tests with a bias. In other words, they aren’t being paid to give a good review. They are presenting honest and true results they have tested in every single one of Monat’s products.

The research is backed by scientist that specialize in the hair, skin, wellness and scalp health.

"MONAT is naturally-based, safe, and pure from carcinogens. Its Leaping Bunny certified to be cruelty-free. It has no harsh colors or fragrances and is designed to heal and repair your hair after years of abuse from silicones and parabens. Monat’s proprietary formulations contain a combination of non-hazardous natural and safe synthetic fragrances which are added to enhance the aromatic experience. All the MONAT formulations (including fragrances) have been clinically tested for safety to endure they do not cause irritation. Some people are sensitive to date approved fragrances. In the unlikely event that you have a reaction, discontinue use. All fragrances in MONAT products adhere to IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and RIFM (Research Institute of Fragrance materials) standard for safety.”

More than a million consumers - each month - safely use MONAT products every day and are pleased with their result. MONAT is a debt free company and since 2016, MONAT has increased its revenue from $42.58 million to $356 million - a growth of 759%.”

How is this possible if everyone is having a bad experience?

All of that said, I couldn’t knock it till i tried it. A year into using these products and my hair and skin have never been better.

Now, I didn't add this slide in here to convince you to join, I added it to inform you and to be transparent. I also want to assure you that I would never recommend something I don't truly believe in.

Your self-care is up to you - you can jump on the bandwagon of a friend who has never even tried MONAT, or you can try these products out for yourself and realize the same thing I did - they truly work!

And if you are still on the fence, you can do what I did... try them out while keeping in mind that they do have a 30-day money back guarantee! Lucky for me, I didn't need it.

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My YouTube Channel

You Haul with Jess

This channel began from an attempt to become debt free as quickly as possible. My husband and I started our debt growth at a young age and it wasnt long before we felt like we were drowning in it.

After researching different avenues to take to bring our “paycheck to paycheck” life to an end, I found ways to cut costs in some areas of life.

One way was through our grocery bill. We had been spending an average of $1200 a month on food for a family of five! INSANE!

When I began meal planning and grocery hauling- we ended up cutting our food budget in half. All of a sudden, with one minor adjustment, we had hundreds of dollars extra month to put Into our debt payoff.

If you think that your “monthly food costs” are something you could adjust- I encourage you to explore my YouTube channel to learn how simple it is to start saving yourselves hundreds a month.

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