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Hi! I’m Nicole I just entered my 30s and whoo let me tell you it has been a journey!! I always want to strive for more in life but it’s so easy to fall off again & again! Life is literally a learning process but we only have one to live! So now I am all about promoting my lifestyle to help inspire and help anyone & everyone around me through hair, skin & wellness which for me is a lifestyle!

I am a full time mom, makeup artist, fitness enthusiast & a shampoo & skin care dealer. You gotta love the hustle.

My mission is to help others solve current problems or finding a greater solution. Whether it’s becoming your own boss by having extra stream of income, creating & promoting health & wellness or glamming you up for a night out.

Top Priority

Building Your Empire

As you know my name is Nicole, I am all about promoting my lifestyle to help inspire & motivate anyone & everyone through hair, skin & wellness. I actually started this business because of the craziness happening in the world, I was forced to stop doing makeup, events & parties and we were all forced to stay home for our safety. Fortunately this worked out for me in the beginning because I had just given birth to my first born & I was loving every minute of being with him, but as many of you women may know, this comes with a lot of ups and downs. I ended up graduating from school at home also but couldn’t do anything yet. So long story short I needed to be apart of something that could not only bring in income for myself & my family but I also needed to be apart of a community that offered more.

So I am here to tell you, that this has been one of the best decisions I have made. I am now able to be apart of such an amazing & uplifting community. This business offers so much more like life skills, business training, getting paid weekly & bonuses, & trainings from Millionaire mentors!

It is my goal to help do the same for you as well. This is so much more than selling products, these products can change your life in so many areas as well as others & thats so much more gratifying than going to work, clocking in, doing your time and leaving. Make your life about so much more, the way you leave people feeling everyday and the impression you can have on their lives is unbelievable & thats why I love this company & I am fully invested in having you feel this way also. So I welcome you to be apart of my team & BUILDING YOUR EMPIRE!

Social Selling is literally what we do every single day whether we realize it or not!! So why not get paid to use & sell the best beauty product in the world!
We are MOdern NATure! The best Anti Aging Hair Care & Skin Care out there & just included wellness! We have 4 main ingredients that set us apart from any company out there. We help with regrowth & botanical based and Leaping Bunny certified.

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