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Faith • Empowerment • Transformation

About Us:
The B.A.E Movement is a women's empowerment ministry that was created to help women realize their gifts, become activated in their faith and move in purpose. We showcase their gifts & partner with them to show that their gifts will make room for them. We are a sisterhood of Blessed, Authentic and Evolving women.

The B.A.E movement was founded with the mission and vision centered on the belief that Empowered women can empower the world. Our mission is to empower women of God so that they can empower the world.

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Your community is your currency!

It’s time to evaluate how wealthy you are. Your community can give you access to tables and opportunities that would normally be out of your reach. This is not the season to be a loner. This is not a season to do it by yourself. Get connected to people that can speak to your destiny!

- Chanel E. Martin

Empower • Sisterhood • Collab & Network
We wIgnite Faith/Purpose in All Women!

B.A.E Brunch Conference

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Location: Kissimmee, FL

We set the standard and provide a elegant and inviting place where creativity and Empowerment can manifest.

We gather with all members for fellowship, healing, laughter and strategy. We will discuss business, spiritual journeys, self care, creative tips and trade knowledge & resources.

There will be appreciation gifts provided to all ladies. We want to invest in providing the best atmosphere and gifts to all who attend.