Hey! My name is Bailee J!

Don't let fear keep you from being U

First and foremost, I am a Wife & Mom to three girls, Emilee, Hallee, & Ainslee. I am obsessed with mexican food, love traveling with my family, and passionate about all things health, nutrition & fitness!

I quit my corporate job 6 years ago and I am fearlessly pursing my passion in health and wellness! I am a online health influencer and I get to help other men and women write/rewrite their story!!

But Does This Really Work?

My Personal Testimony

Hey Loves!

I get asked often if the products work. My belief in our products is through the roof because I've personally had an incredible journey! My bikini pictures are 1 week apart with no crazy diet changes, workouts, etc. I was simply using a smart product (which helped me drop 24lbs -even while struggling with thyroid issues) and then added in the Slim Tea which helped bloating & inflammation!

Fun fact - I weighed the same in both bikini pics, but shed tons of inches and lost a lot of bloat/inflammation! Crazy what happens when we get our gut health in check!!

I struggled with depression and anxiety a majority of my life after my father committed suicide in 09'. I was introduced to these plant based supplements in 2019 & used every excuse to not try them. Let's face it, I'd tried multiple other things and everything failed me. Struggling with thyroid issues & mental health is tough. My personal docs all have me the ok to try them, so I did. I started losing weight within the first few weeks & with that my confidence grew. My energy levels and my focus was insane! I was no longer needing my medications for depression/anxiety & finally getting my life back!

At 31, a wife and mom of 3... I feel my absolute best! These products are amazing & I can't wait to help others write/rewrite their story!