bailey ann

finding the beauty in all

hey y’all, just assuming you don’t know who i am or what makes me, me so i am going to tell you my story.......
i am a young teenage girl who is a mix of a bit of everything. i am a girly girl at heart but living in the country makes me tough. the mountains are my happy place. soccer and photography are my passions. i am a devoted member of The Church it Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints. i am a missionary girlfriend to a boy who is in North Carolina. my goal is to help women find the beauty in all, including themselves, life, trials, and nature.

this is my personal blog about my life as a missionary girlfriend and a out door enthusiast.

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life of a missionary girlfriend

loving from a distance & growing on your own

If you would have told me sophomore year that in a matter of a year i would fall in love with a boy who was leaving on a mission i would tell you that you are crazy and i am not that kind of person. falling in love with dylan was something i never expect. when i envisioned my life, waiting for a boy was never my plan. once i met dylan i knew my life would be changed regardless of where our relationship ended up. he opened my eyes to what i means to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ and how i deserve to be treated.

being a missionary girlfriend has its highs and lows. you want to support them in everything they do, but at the same time you want them to come home so badly. being in high school also adds a twist to it as well. my boy is in north Carolina and is loving every second of it! i miss him more than i could have ever imagined. i am putting my life in the lords hands and trusting in his eternal plan. the best advice i give to anyone either on this journey or about to start would be to progress your self spiritually and intellectually, don’t put your life on pause you are allowed to grow and change. the lord has a plan for you and he loves you always remember that when life gets tough

My Top Picks “Hikes”

my top favorite hikes i went on last summer

Hiking is one of my favorite hobbies, i love being in nature and seeing all of Gods beautiful creations. Nature is where i feel the presence of God the most and where i feel most at peace in this crazy world.