About Me

I love helping people gain confidence and a balanced healthy lifestyle.

I have been a certified personal trainer, nutritional specialist and group fitness instructor for decades. My passion for fitness and nutrition has been lifelong. I have found hope and healing for myself as well as countless other clients. My personal health and medical issues have improved greatly through making healthy lifestyle changes that I would love to share with you.

Nutritional Programs

3 Day Detoxification

You’ll feel amazing after my 3 Day Detox!
Inflammation in the gut can be the culprit behind bloating, constipation, diarrhea, excess gas, and indigestion that causes so many of us discomfort. It can also make it much more difficult to lose weight- especially in the belly area. This plan is a natural, safe and effective way to cleanse your body from the inside out and start feeling better right away.
COST: $3.00

7 Day Reset

Life can be a roller coaster and we can get off track on our way. This is a great program to restart and reset!
COST: $7.00

14 Day Jumpstart

This program is for those wanting to jumpstart their nutrition. If you can be strict and disciplined this is a great program for you.
COST: $14.00

30 Day Challenge

Great challenge with simple recipes and includes a shopping list for each week! Easy done for you program with flavorful meals and real food.
COST: $30.00

Meal Preparation - Real wholesome ingredients and portion controlled.

Local delivery available. Limited availability! COST: $8-10 per meal (delivery charge and one-time container fee, not included)

Fitness Programs

What fitness program should you follow?

I have fitness programs for all levels. I design a personalized program for you whether you are looking to lose fat, gain muscle or obtain general fitness. I take in consideration your age, sex, underlying health issues, and fitness background. We all shouldn’t be training exactly the same. Let me take the confusion out of all the information out there for you.


*My top selling program is my Lifestyle Transformation System

Body Composition & Full Fitness Assessment

Starting at $25

Fitness for Everyone

Classes are 60 minutes in duration.

Health & Happiness from the Inside Out

Feeling Good Never Tasted Better

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