Slušamo. We’re listening and we hear you.

While we’re all posting to bring light to the injustices that are happening, let’s not forget the actions we take make all the difference. Starting 6/2, we are donating a portion of every sale made on our website to the Atlanta Solidarity Fund, an organization that supports people in our home city who have been arrested for taking action against social injustice.

Below you’ll see we’ve put together a list of helpful resources. We’ll be updating it daily.


Balkans For Black Lives: Why You NEED To Speak Up

While we’re all posting about it, let’s not forget the actions we can also take to make a difference. In this episode, we're going over WHY you should care, how to talk about racism with your friends and family, and other action steps you can be take.


Stand With Breonna Petition

A petition to call on both the termination and prosecution of the officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s murder.


Email MN Officials & Demand Justice For the Murder of George Floyd

This link will automatically open a pre-made email template. Just fill in your name, city and zip code. That’s it.


Email KY Officials & Demand Justice For Breonna Taylor

The link below will open an email template. All you need to do is add your name and hit send.


Petition for George Floyd

Over 12 million have already signed. Takes three seconds to do.


Donate to Your City’s Bail Fund & Other Worthy Organizations

Donate to your city’s bail fund to help bail out protesters who get arrested. The MN Freedom Fund has paused donations and provided a list of other worthy orgs you can donate to (see link below).

Other bail funds we’ve seen @restoringjustice (Houston), @phillybailout (Philadelphia), @bailoutnycmay on Venmo (NYC), People’s City Council Freedom Fund (Los Angeles). ⁣⁣⁣


Support Local Black Owned Businesses

They’re right in our backyard, and yours too. Here are our favorites from the A.


Text & Call These Numbers

- Call DA Mike Freeman in Minnesota (612-348-5550) and demand prosecution to Derek Chauvin (Badge #1087) and Tou Thoa (Badge #7162).

- Text FLOYD to 55-156
- Text JUSTICE to 66-8336
- Text ENOUGH to 55-165

- Leave a message for Louisville Mayor and demand justice for Breonna Taylor 502-574-2003


Make Sure You Are Registered to Vote

And yes, actually vote. 6/2 was a major voting day in DC, MD, RI, IN, IA, MT, NM, PA.

These states are up next:
- 6/9: GA & WV
- 6/23: KY, MS, NY, NC, VA


Watch Zoe Amira’s YouTube Video

A black woman named Zoe Amira posted this hour long YT video filled with art and music from black creators. It has a ton of ads, and in result will rack up a ton of revenue. 100% of the ad revenue will be dispersed between various BLM organizations.

All you have to do is watch the video and DO NOT SKIP any of the ads. You can even leave the tab open on your computer in the background.