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We rollin’ in this life

A 16 y/o girl living the same repeating life full with unexpected things.

About Me

Part 1 : About Me

Lets start with my love for music.Although I don’t have the talent to sing nor dancing which i certainly don’t care.i really like to hear music that it somehow become part of my life.Apart from that,I have a small loving family that includes my mom,dad and my two other siblings.they always make time to call me when im at my boarding mom cooks is the best thing i can eat in the world.My hard working dad on the other hand always busy with his business so that he can provide us a good life for a long time.Moreover,I have lots of interest that I add into my life to push the boredom away from me.Such as, reading comics,watching movies plus reading novels. People might says that its a common hobby but for me this is things that get me out of reality after a long tiring day at school.

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Part 2: About Me

Lastly,just like ying yang,every like must have dislike.Same goes to me.I dislike people that talk behind people back but act nice in front of them.I’ve experienced this kind of treatment and let me advice you, stop letting this type of people into your life.But life is a continuing cycle,so lets try our best to be a better person.that’s all from me!!! Byeee

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