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I love fitness, & a happy balanced life enjoying treats! So when indulging, our treats should to be the best! I'll teach you how!

From scratch specialty cakes & desserts.

What I really love is sharing recipes with you! Recipes for cakes (& other desserts) with the best flavor, because flavor is what really matters.

And I share decorating tips & tricks!

I also sell my cakes. As a luxury item, my cakes aren't cheap, but they're worth it. So if you'd rather pay someone to make your cake (or other desserts) for you, with the best ingredients, I'm your girl. Order ahead of time, because my schedule fills very quickly. More than the 2-week minimum is recommended, but you are welcome to check if any miracles have opened a space up for you with less time given. See my ordering page for full details.

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All-American Chocolate Cake

How to please a crowd with chocolate cake.

This chocolate cake wins over the crowd, including those that "don't usually like chocolate cake". Many people don't enjoy the depth of chocolate in many chocolate cakes, including devil's food cake. They also find the taste to be missing something, or lacking the desirable quality most chocolates carry. That's because many chocolate cakes actually are missing a key ingredient to complete the flavor profile. Butter. Just as real chocolate needs cocoa butter, chocolate cake needs butter to bring the cocoa to it's full potential. The flavor profile of this cake is complete! This cake is also created to complement a sweet American chocolate buttercream perfectly & is not too sweet on its own. Together, it's a dynamite combination. But because the chocolate level in this cake is not overdone, adding mini chocolate chips or layering with chocolate ganache is recommended if not combining with a chocolate buttercream in the rest of the cakes' compositioning. This is not a brownie or a muffin where it is complete on its own without frosting, you must put it all together. Once you have, you unlock the magic. It's all about balance, contrast, & the right recipe. You've found it! It's a crowd pleaser. Look for my butter devils food cake recipe coming soon for your dark chocolate & death by chocolate chocoholics.