Told you, the link ain't working for me, but it will work for you. HAHA XD

I hope you'll appreciate this little gift I have for you, My love. I love you until the end of the universe.

I hope you'll like this one, and do you honestly think I'd forget our special day? Not gonna happen. Never.



None of this would happen if I chose to run away instead of running back at you. My lines are often redundant, but it was just to remind you that I didn't forget my promises. Let our love guide your way to achieve your dreams and all your heart desires.

I honestly don't know what to say to you anymore, I ran out of words sometimes and all I could ever think was to feel you within my arms, to make you feel love by physical touch, I know you would love to have a tight embrace and I do too. But I knew we'll get to that. When you're around I feel like you're here with me too. It's like magic. You're magical, babe. I knew.



This was supposedly a real website but I don't know how to make in phone and I haven't got my laptop yet >< I'm sorry for that.

And I apologise too, if i ever become insensitive at times when i least expect it. I feel irritated when you're not around and we're not okay. For my sudden mood drops too and when I don't tell you things because i think it'll just be absurd and it don't really matter when i should be addressing all of those to you. And whenever i fall asleep and leave you hanging. Haha >< me sorry, babie..

I appreciate all your efforts for us, sometimes it may be really all tough but I'm proud of you, you passed through it all, bambi. I couldn't ask more from you.



Thank you. For being my hope and light when the darkness continues to consume me. You have been a great partner, a great friend, and a lover. I see you trying everyday to be with me and to spend time with me and that just makes me so happy, baby. I also love it when I'd discover something about you and I would be amazed and be more proud because you are such a talented and a wonderful person.

You may feel that I'm drained and tired sometimes, but don't think that I am tired of you. You've been my safest place why would I be tired of staying in that sanctuary? I told you that, even when you can't trust me anymore, at least trust my heart and love for you. Ara? I would be always grateful for you. You're my inspiration in everything. (even in sleep hahaha ^.^)



I love you. And everything about you. Let's count more stars together, wake up still with each other with good mornings and good nights, with soft kisses and warm cuddles. Storms don't last forever, so i know we could make it and turn everything into a reality someday. I'm always here for you.

Happy 5th Month, My bunbun.

— With Love Always, Jhobart.