We want to teach the world to sing (in a foreign language)!

The home of early years languages

When a British monolingual mum had a child, she wanted him to be less monolingual than she was.
Failing to find anything exciting enough, she had a bash at creating her own foreign language learning programme for preschoolers.

Fuelled by her dynamic background as a performer and producer in TV, film and live events, she studied the research around the magical powers of using music and movement as a memory tool, especially during the wonderful early year's when the young brain finds learning language so easy.

After consulting some of the leading early year's educators and clever linguistic experts, Bambini Lingo became a thing!

Originally it became a popular ad a franchise with branches across Europe and the UK, and then when the deadly plague of 2020 took hold of the world, it felt like a good time to bring the live experience into the digital space.

The franchisees got camera trained and became some of the lead presenters within the programme.

We are excited to be able to invite you to play with languages at our new Bambini Lingo club which is now open to subscribers, with fresh exciting content being added all the time, there's never been an easier way for you and your little ones to immerse yourself in foreign languages.

In the club you can download all the featured target vocabulary from the programme through the lyric sheets, posters and colouring in pages.

Our original music, written by our monolingual founder is now available to buy on Amazon in 9 languages.

Thank you for supporting us and we look forward to continuing our journey into new languages together.