"B & B Renovations" Owners Brad Socia and Brian Warren are a family owned business that puts a lot of pride in there work. Along with their East Texas roots, you'll find two down to earth guy's. Very easy to talk to personalities. You'll think you've known them for years. Unlike a lot of contractors they want you to save money. Not take all your hard earned money. Folks are struggling just to find or keep employment. A fair price is all they expect. Besides they want you to spread the word. They have chosen Renovation because they basically can serve all your needs. Good references and fair priced. Quality work with a special touch. Brian is Brad's son n law and has worked many years, in many different fields with him. You can get hold of them on fb or messenger or call 903.221.5183 Special rates for elderly Folks and Veterans. Brad served in the Navy. God Bless our Troops, along with 1st Responders.And God Bless America 🇺🇲

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B&B Reno's "Tip of the Week" with Brad the Handiestman

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