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Hello and welcome!! My name is Barbie Ommati. I am a former esthetician and mixologist and am now an influencer and partner for a vegan hair care and skin care brand called Modern Nature, also known as MONAT. Our brand is known for resetting and attaining our customers hair and skin to their best state. By reconstructing and nurturing it from the inside out, our line of products help rid all the years of chemical treatment, heat, and use of drug store and low quality products.

Our amazing market partners reach out and educate individuals. They achieve this through social media, in person, or via telephone, with the ultimate goal of obtaining healthy hair and skin for each client. Through a series of questions, we are able to offer a customized system perfectly tailored for you.

I mentor an amazing team of men, women & power couples, just like me. Currently, I am looking for NEW goal-driven individuals to add to our team who want to create another stream of income by using clean hair and skin care products, while educating their audience on the importance of using healthier alternatives.

Benefits include ...
- Weekly/Monthly paychecks (up to five per month)
- Monthly Bonuses
- Cadillac Motor Vehicle Program (Free Car)
- Free Trips
- up to 40% discount on products
- Personal Website

Mentorship includes ...
- Support & Engagement (help to boost instagram engagement)
- Support and encouragement
- Training on products
- Training on social media
- Training on marketing
- One on One private training
- Motivation & Personal development

Do you think you are ready to stop aimlessly scrolling through instagram and start getting paid for it? If yes, fill out this application and I’ll reach out to you with the steps to follow.

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