Hi friends!

Let’s be well together!

I’m Barbie—a crunchy mama of three living in sunny Florida! 🌞

I grew up with a mother who fed us healthy meals as best she could. I was raised with a very balanced lifestyle. While my mother did her best with making sure we ate well, I can see now she was lacking in the wellness department. Combined with the knowledge I obtained growing up and with my passion of the natural now, I’m able to make better choices for my family. When you know better, you do better. Once I became a mama, the mama bear mentality rang true. Which means, I will do anything to protect my babies, even from the harsh chemicals they face every day. I am their protector and I will strive to make sure that what touches or what goes into their bodies are as wholesome and free of harmful chemicals as possible.

Because of this, I have a passion of sharing my knowledge with others and having them be aware that conventional products pose health risks to us. In most countries, the chemicals found in our daily products are outlawed. I want to empower my friends to choose a nontoxic lifestyle for themselves and their growing families.

I am an oversharer, an open book, and in love with my faith. I share a lot about religion and wellness but that might not be your vibe and that’s okay. There are other mamas out there I can connect you with. But here on my Insta, I share what is real, what is truth, what is beauty, and that is being authentic to me.

let’s be well together! 💥