Barbiez Bakery on roblox!

Barbiez Bakery, where we have the barbie in all of us.

Barbiez Bakery is a cafe in ROBLOX that is very entertaining. It has helped a lot of robloxians focus and make new friends. You can work, order, talk, and more!

Barbiez Bakery was founded at 2020. 2020 is the worst year ever which everyone could agree on. TheAlienFromJupiter and PINKlavenderPINK decided to entertain all of us by making an amazing cafe! Everyone is so grateful. With all of the hard work that these 2 amazing girls have put, we should make a big change for them. Making their lives happy by having developers and helpers. Might as well add customers!!

We are working at the games. We sadly don’t have any games available, PINKlavenderPINK and TheAlienFromJupiter work so hard to find developers. They even made a whole discord. So, why not apply today as a developer?

The discord is very fun. There is a lot of cool events everyday! We are so grateful to have everyone in our discord. Why not join? Here’s the discord link:
The discord code is TeMA4BK

Please, take the time out of your day to join Barbiez Bakery and have an amazing time. You can even apply for a job!

Thank you,
-TheAlienFromJupiter and PINKlavenderPINK

Tap here to go to our Barbiez Bakery Roblox!