Hi, Y’all

Helping you rediscover the best of YOU! Boost confidence. Learn to trust yourself. Have fun while doing it.

Greetings! Thank you for taking a moment to connect with me. My name is Barb.

I am 51, a North Carolinian at heart, but life’s adventure has planted me in the vibrant city of San Antonio, TX. This year, my husband and I celebrated 30 years of marriage, a testament to our shared journey of 34 years. Our partnership has been the bedrock from which we’ve raised two incredible sons and navigated life’s many seasons.

My introduction to Thrive was a critical juncture in my life. As a Health Educator SFC/E-7 on the brink of retirement and wrestling with persistent health challenges, I found my days marred by exhaustion and a reliance on caffeine that my budget and body could ill afford. Despite a rich background in medical health, I remained deeply skeptical of wellness products due to countless disappointments.

Yet, it was the genuine results seen in a friend, coupled with my own desire for change, that nudged me towards Thrive. It was a hesitant, yet hopeful step I took, in the heart of the holiday season and just before stepping into a new chapter post-retirement. Thrive was not merely another wellness product—it was the beginning of a new chapter.

The choice to ‘Thrive’ proved fruitful far quicker than imagined. I reached a significant milestone within the company in just over a month. The success was not just in sales or ranks but in rediscovering vitality and purpose as I transitioned out of the military.

Now, my life’s work involves not only thriving in my personal health but also empowering others to embrace their wellness journey with Thrive. I celebrate having built a business that reflects both my passion for health and my dedication to service.

Feel free to reach out to me. Embrace the journey with all its imperfections and remember that it’s never too late to start anew. Success is built on resilience, and I am here to guide you.

Here’s to dreaming boldly.

Kind regards,


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