Elle Ballinger

Paving the Way to a Life of Freedom

Hello all you free-spirited, adventurous millennials!

I'm Elle and I'm a Freedompreneur👣 Adventure Addict🏞 Travel Enthusiast🌎 Inner-Child Embracer🤸Nature Lover🌻 Deep Feeler💜

And I'm here to show you what's possible when you say YES to living in alignment with your highest potential and following your bliss!


When I look back on the happiest moments in my life – a lot of the time it was when I was adventuring on my own.

Stumbling upon hidden roads and trails, looking over vast valleys, mountain views, beach-side cliffs and ancient trees.

🌄Exploring and communing with nature- getting to experience all the majestic and magnificent beauty in this world is what makes me feel most ALIVE!

That is why I chose to pursue working online. It's for the FREEDOM of having a stream of income that flows to me WHILE I am living my adventurous, free-spirited life.

Freedom to work WHEN I want.

Freedom to work WHERE I want.

FREEDOM in knowing that as I am following my bliss, I can make passive income and be getting paid to do what I love!😍

Getting paid as I explore, adventure, be out in nature, build community, and continue to have any epic life experience my heart desires - that is ultimate freedom to me.

That is why I feel so blessed to be within the Freedom Era community.

And I extend this same opportunity to you!🌠

You don't have to feel like a lone-wolf in getting your business to thrive. You get community support and we CO-CREATE!

💫We share our visions and invite others in!

3 or more times a week we are given the opportunity for calls with mentors & our team for inspiration & motivation! Transforming and transpiring together!!

We have a platform that gives you ALL the tools(80% inner work, 20% strategy) – including mindset, embodiment, marketing, building your brand and your social media profiles. It's freakin' incredible everything available at your fingertips to succeed! There's nothing else like it.

That is why working online with THIS community is MY answer.


...Come find out! Download the FREE PDF below!👇