About Us

“Juice for me, juice for you, juice for them”

BarelyJuice.id is more than your average juices.

We are inspired to promote a healthy and nourished lifestyle, starting from what we drink daily.

No added sugar. No preservatives. No artificial colouring. Barely juice.

Our Signature Flavours

So sweet, tangy, and refreshing. We have it all!

Our signature flavours are made of love (and countless trial and errors) to serve you best!

Here are our top picks so far.

#1 Immunity+

Zingy, tangy, and full of surprise!

Our best seller consists of a great mixture of carrot, fuji apples, and our favourite, seasonal oranges. So full of vitamin C and A which is a natural immunity boost.

#2 Vitality+

“Pinneapple, apple, PEN!” #oops

Our must-try flavour for those who love tropical sweetness more than anything. Plus, pinneapple contains great amount of vitamin C, folic acid, zinc, and potassium which are amazing for vitality.

#3 Hydration+

Sooo refreshing for your body and soul!

Who can’t afford a fresh watermelon, squeezed lime juice, and cooling mint in a hot weather?

#4 Vit C Booster

A timeless old recipe to fulfill your daily dose of Vitamin C: Orange Juice!

Antioxidant +

Our antioxidant powerhouse: Beetroot, Dragon Fruit, Apple, Pinneapple!

Coco Orange

Coconut water to quench your thrist.

Orange juice to fulfill your daily vitamin C intake.

Chia seeds to improve your digestion.

What could be better for your body?