About Basic Bee Polished

The girl behind the nails

Hi, my name is Kayla. I am a Color Street Stylist and have been with the company since January of 2020. I also work a full time job as an HR and Payroll Administrator. I have an amazing fiancé and 2 beautiful daughters who are my whole world.

I initially started this journey with Color Street because I was tired of trying to find the time and money to get my nails done at a salon. Then I tried a Color Street sample and I was hooked, I haven’t been back to a salon since. After a few months of doing my research I decided I would jump in and become a stylist. I figured if I wasn’t good at it then at least I would be getting a nice discount on this amazing product and I could earn some free sets for myself. I never knew that I would actually make a decent income just by sharing my love for a product with my friends and family.

What I have gained from this company is much more than some extra money, I have met some amazing women that I now call my best friends. We have a supportive team and the encouragement is everywhere I turn and with it, an ever building and shape-shifting confidence that I’m learning to mold myself with.

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