Hey there, my name is Amanda!

Everyone has a different story to tell and we all start from different parts in our lives!! Anyone who is motivated enough can do this! 🤗

Once I found out I was pregnant I wanted to for sure stay home with my baby boy! My hubs was in the military and getting out soon so I wanted to be able to work from home! I came across this business and was very skeptical! 🤔Everyone was doing it that I knew so how was I going to have a market to sell the same things?! I didn’t have a good mindset in doing what I was doing and I just wanted to sell my stuff. I ended up losing sight of what I was doing and life definitely got in the way, and I let it!

I had some time to figure out what I wanted in life and fell back into working two full time jobs, one during the day and one over night with two kids!! So I was hardly getting time to myself let alone to spend with my kids!

✨Time for a change.✨

I took a huge leap of faith BACK into this same business and I couldn’t be more grateful💖 Not only am I making strides to bring in extra for my family, I’m teaching other mamas to do the same!