About me

Hi! My name is DeLorean (like the car!!), and I am a 22 year old who is living in New York studying Public Relations and Fashion. I have always been obsessed with social media and connecting with others in the digital world!
I like a lot of things from books to magazines to K-pop and KR&B. I really have a lot of different hobbies. I really love to travel and try new things. Due to low self esteem and confidence, I never wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things. I was too afraid of what others might think or how I may be perceived, but I’ve been loving the rush of trying something new and actually enjoying it. I look forward to that feeling now. Instead of asking myself “why?” I ask myself “well, why not?” and that’s good character development if you ask me. lol.
I try to post the things that I really love on Instagram, but I wasn’t always like that. I always fished for compliments and posted pictures that were for other people’s satisfaction and not my own. These days I would much rather post something that I am proud of. I don’t care about how many likes I get as long as the content I post makes someone happy or makes them feel that they can relate to me. 🙂