My name is Barb.

Mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister

On the daily...I’m either inspired to make a sign, try a fun art project with the kids, or starting another DIY project... this mama never runs out of ideas! Stay tuned as I share my inspirations, how to’s, DIY’s, healthy recipes, fitness tips & more!

Embracing Homeschool...

Balancing home life

I realize in this time, this moment that I get to be at home with my kids 24/7, & yes we made that choice!! Do I question my sanity everyday? Yes. Did I wonder if it was the right choice for us? Yes. Something was stirring in my heart since spring, and we weighed the pros & cons, whether sending them back to public school after summer break would affect our children or not. We sent them in sept, kind of hoping everyone’s predictions that it wasn’t going to last long and school get cancelled again. But on November 23rd it was back to at home learning. Plus the school made promises, and I felt the decisions for my kids and everything they were exposed to (the talk, seeing everyone w/masks, wearing masks when it compromised with common sense, not being aware of how it was affecting our kids mental health, being told all day to keep your distance from others and so on...) was not good. The world was getting outrageously ridiculous with all the lies, so there was a shift that Marc & I just said “Nope, We can’t send them any longer” and for me that was all I needed to hear from my husband, knowing I had his full support to homeschool! So here we are!! 8 weeks into homeschooling and I have peace about it all. That feeling is a gift from God! It doesn’t mean we don’t have hard days, or days with lots of tears... but compared to the constant headaches & outright attitudes they came home with after school, or runny noses, & clogged sinuses, there has been next to nothing of those symptoms in my kids. Yes they miss their friends, & praying for a chance soon to set up play dates🙌🏼
I’m happy to say they are thriving at home! They are becoming really good friends here at home, and there are so many opportunities to learn & grow together & build relationships! Plus it’s a true gift to be watching your kids grow in maturity, responsibility, kindness, and making good choices. There’s nothing like it, and I’m seeing it as a rare and beautiful opportunity rather than a job I couldn’t handle. Thank-you Lord that this time is also a blessing.🤍🤍