About Me

My name is Bethany Tanner and I'm a stay-at-home mama to two wild, heathen boys and have been married to my awesome husband for 12 years now! I'm obsessed with graphic tees, coffee, video games, TV, watching tiktoks for hours at a time, and playing with my goats!

For the last couple of years, I had been in such a rut. I was super overweight (5'2 and closing in on 200lbs), having health issues, and was just really beating myself up about it all. Well, I finally lost the weight but still wasn't feeling like me. Every time I put my makeup on it just didn't look good to me, so I stopped wearing it all together...sorry husband, haha! I joined a makeup party on Facebook and thought, what the hell, why not give this a try. I instantly fell in love! I felt beautiful, and when you feel beautiful, your confidence shines! I knew right then that my mission was to help other women find their beautiful and get their confidence back!

I have been a Seint artist since May of 2020 and I absolutely love helping other women feel beautiful while simplifying their makeup life! It's hard to even imagine doing my makeup "the old way" anymore!