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Hi all! My names Brittany, and I'm a mama of 3! I love all things summer, tattoos, motorcycles, and of course my family.

So... what are "snaps", and how do they work?

BRAN- Use this snap in the morning, and within MINUTES you will feel more energized, and ready to take on your day. This snap helps give you that all day natural energy without the jitters or sugar crash of an energy drink or energy shot! Other multiple benefits of Bran?
-Improves your overall mood
-Decreases feelings of anxiety
-Improves your focus, and mental clarity to get the tasks you need done throughout the day!

ZLEM- Use this snap right before bed for a better, more sound night sleep, and even wake up more refreshed the next day! Thats not all this snap does, there are multiple benefits of Zlem including,
-Aid in burning fat and calories while you sleep (yes its true, so many of us have lost the extra lbs with Zlem)
-Improves levels of serotonin throughout your body
-It can also even help with inflammation (how cool is that?)

UUTH- This snap is packed full of amazing benefits and nutrients to help your skin, body, and mind! Oh, and this one tastes amazing!
-3 grams of collagen in every snap, with added nitric oxide benefits.
-Even helps aid in providing a little energy, strengthening and muscle tone throughout your body

PLOS- First to the market fat burning, non dairy FRENCH VANILLA coffee creamer! Add this snap to your coffee, or favorite drink in the morning.
-Burns fat (you feel the heat)
-Boost metabolism
-Converts fat and sugar from your coffee into energy
-Curbs cravings and suppresses appetite

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Can't wait to work with you, and help you achieve your goals, and dreams!