Miss Foodie and Friends

How it all started

My sister and I started this Food business last May 21, 2020. We sell Kimchi and Nama Chocolates.

Months ago, my sister, as a Maangchi fan, wanted to make homemade Kimchi. She did so and it was a success. The kimchi she made was perfection! I don't like kimchi too sour and how she made hers was just right. We're a family who loves spicy food and the kimchi was the bomb! It even got my dad who rarely touches kimchi at Samgyupsal places to love this homemade Kimchi my sister made. This really pushed us to sell the Kimchi she made. After all, sharing is caring, right?

During that time, I was also thinking of a product I could sell or do. With weeks of researching, I finally decided on something I know I would crave, and, that is, the Royce inspired Nama Chocolates. We started with having 2 flavors, Dark and Matcha. I, then, experimented with more. We added Vegan Dark, Gin and Lemon, Jagermeister and Orange Rum to the list of flavors.

We wanted our name to be pretty broad since kimchi and chocolates doesn't exactly belong in the same category of food. My sister thought of Miss Foodie and everyone in the family loved it. We, then, started calling these two different product lines as "Miss Kimchi" and "Miss Nama".

Few weeks had passed since we launched our products, we, then, slightly expanded Miss Kimchi by adding a new product, Kimchi Bake. Inspired by the trending Sushi Bake Platters, we came up with an idea of layering yummy Korean Samgyupsal staples with the Kimchi bokkeum-bap as its star. So far so good. We had a whole week testing out our recipes and, boy, did I enjoy our food!

It's been a great journey so far. We shipped out our very first orders on May 21 for the chocolates and the first batch of kimchi were sold not long after. We've passed the first month. We still have a long way to go. We're slowly working and learning our way into this business world.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the support. Ya'll are the best!

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