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Kavi's hip-hop persona is one of the enlightened sage, a psychic pioneer who peers deep into the vast mysteries of the cosmos and rhymes about what he finds.

His music has rich and varied influences including 60s psychedelia, the swagger and flow of the Dirty South (Kavi's a native of Huntsville, Alabama), U.F.O. phenomenon (Huntsville is also called "the Rocket City" for its role in the post-war space programs), and spiritual enlightenement, especially relating to ancient kundalini and yogic traditions.

Kavi Shakur formerly known as "Mr.Prolific The Psychedelic ", is an independent artist with ownership of underground Alabama label, Rocket Siddhi Flight Ent. Kavi has been an underground artist the since about 2008. Kavi's like nothing you've likely heard before, but that's a good thing.

He also represents a pastiche of ancient oral traditions stitched together with modern fascination. Kavi Shakur's They Live, We Sleep was inspired by the ignorance of society and politics, bringing propaganda and samples from John Carpenter's They Live (1988)", also some hard 808s, triumphant trumpets, snares, and hihats mostly produced by Kavi himself.

Earlier songs w/ Kavi was featured in (Louisville KY 2016-18) Cphr Dvn's Trap Indigo & OBE from the hard-hitting alchemical allbum "Indigo Trap". Also coming back in 2018 to drop New Thoughts on Cphr Dvn's album Disclosure. 2019, "Matrix" by Light Body Ent, a group founded by power-duo Cphr Dvn, a conscious hip-hop group Kavi creates and collaborates with. In addition, 2020 to drop with some of the members of LBE on AfterShock 4 : Launchpad including; Melodic Souls featuring CPHR DVN & What if I told you ? Feat. Gangsta rap artist & LA native SpellBook The Drunk Dragon. Latest of today (2021) is a song revived from 2012?! Yes, OMG (remix) feat SpellBook again. There's so many more projects I could elaborate on but you all will just have to be patience. Shalom. Peace 2 The Most High

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