Little about myself✨ॐ

We are made of magic babes lets shine 🤗🥰

My name is Samantha i love to spend time with nature and be outside with mama earth connecting with myself on a journey of natural, mental and physical healing. I have been on a lifestyle upgrade to make sure im being my best self 😍 I am a fein for the sun and love to flip around the beach and read. I have some pretty exciting goals that are life changing as i would love to start building a farm with all the freshest vegetables and fruits and flowers so my pallets can enjoy a more of a organic horizon. I would love to take that further and open a vegan farm to table restaurant to bring out more options for people to share these amazing food experiences with. I have been vegan due to health reasons i have endured since i was in high school i have managed to get my health under control and even lost over 60 pounds! Now im starting my Monat journey and am happy to announce all of our products hair and skin are ALL vegan and fresh products and Im more than excited to help such beautiful souls start their new holistic hair and skin journeys🤗 Don’t be shy lets chat loves Im so happy to share such amazing products that i promise you will love!

Conquer your fears 🦋

Come learn more about all our VEGAN hair and skin lines and join me on this journey