first milkshake website 🕸 ˖ .  —

hellouu it’s kaylee and my milkshake web is now released so here are some facts ✦

my facts ˖ .
꒰ hii ! im kaylee da nickname is kay . my prnouns r. she / her + i am 13 yrs old ! my fav food is seafood and cinnamon rolls ! , i love puppies and baby cats . they r adorbs to me I swear . im just an average teenager tbh . i have the most amazing friendship w aurora < 33 she makes me smile every sec of my day. bestie yoo , anyways ehem.. i have one dog ! he is small and has black hair with a little tiny peep head . his nose is small and so r his eyes. his body is long and he loves just mostly everyone he sees! even if you are a intruder .. he will just show so much love , my dog isn’t mean at all ( no like I swear . ) sadly im diagnosed with panic anxiety , bipolar disorder and adhd! those are so hard to struggle through but I’m getting through it . i like in USA of Alabama LMFAO . i wish i was in New York , anyways im obsessed w charli d , ariana g , nicki m , finn wolfhard , shay Rudolph and momo from baby sitters club :)) . i like photos and reading , i regret things a lot and im also a dancer ! been dancing since 3 yrs now 📖
my show type on Netflix are
• fear street
• kissing booth
• squid game
• enola homes
• i am not okay with this
• good girls
• never have I ever
• twighlight
• tvd
• scream
• Friday the 13th
• teen wolf
• stranger things
• outer banks ++ more ꒱ ݁ ٬٬