About Me

Hi! I’m Bea :)

I am a Sydney-based digital content creative with 15 years of professional experience. But I’ve actually been writing online and creating content way longer than that (remember Livejournal and Multiply?).

Back in the Philippines I wore many, many hats as a lifestyle and entertainment writer, editor, branded content lead, copywriting and digital content consultant, social media ambassador for a pizza brand (such fun that was!), and guest writing/speaking for events (my favourite one was teaching writing tips to elementary students!).

✅ Currently…

• I work at Healthy Food Guide and being with a team of amazing people from the food and nutrition space in Australia and New Zealand is extremely exciting, I’m always learning something new that I’m able to include in my lifestyle to eat well and feel great!

• I contribute for ClickTheCity.com, where my love for sharing stories grew. Before graduating from university, I joined their team as a writer and became Features Editor a few months after. Food writing in particular has introduced me to countless talented people, many of them now dear friends of mine. Food really brings people together, and I have so many special memories of traveling and breaking bread with people.

• I feel like I’m always in a writing rut, but I go on ninja mode when it comes to writing under pressure. There’s nothing like a deadline to motivate you real quick!

Let’s link up on LinkedIn for networking opportunities and work-related things (or email me@beatrizisabel.com), and hang around Instagram for bits and bobs from my life (mostly food, so do share with me your eat list)!

💖 A Few Favourites:

📺: RuPaul’s Drag Race (Secret Celebrity, Australia, Canada, and Philippines), Superstore, Schitt’s Creek, Hacks, Blown Away, Glow Up, Stranger Things, Legendary, What We Do in the Shadows

🍽️: Frequently on rotation at home are chicken adobo, sinigang, tinapang galunggong, dumplings, fried rice, grilled sausages, meat pies, pasta with tomato or pesto sauce, and toasties!