Meet The Founder!

journey of a brow specialist

Hey Beauties!
My name is Ashlee Wareham, I am the owner + founder of Beautè Boutique in Melb, Vic.

I’ve always LOVED all things beauty + began my journey in the industry in 2007 (forever ago) with a pre-apprenticeship in Hairdressing. In 2012 I completed my official Hairdressing apprenticeship + with the support of my family, set up a home salon. I then added makeup artistry to my list of repertoires and got working in the bridal game which I loved!

Roughly a year in working from home, I fell pregnant with my beautiful Levi + a couple of years later our cheeky Knox! As lots of things change when you have kiddies, so did my passion. I knew I still loved beauty but wanted something different. Hair + makeups we’re still kicking around in the background but within about a week of this feeling I had enrolled myself into a brow cosmetic tattooing fundamentals course (where I met an awesome friend + boss babe who I still keep in touch and attend trainings with!). From this point I was totally addicted to brows!!

So skip forward a couple of years after numerous trainings, life lessons, amazing support + encouragement, throwing myself in the deep end, here I am today with my very own brow salon, Beautè Boutique!

I absolutely love all things brows; shaping, tinting + tattooing with an emphasis on ‘enhancing your natural beauty’ but most of all, I love seeing how happy my clients are after their appointment. It’s AMAZING how great brows can make you feel so confident and it’s so rewarding giving someone that feeling!

I look forward to seeing you + your brows soon!
Ashlee X

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