“Each of us has the opportunity to change and grow until our very last breath. Happy creating.” --M.F. Ryan

Hey there, peeps! If you’re reading this, then you found my page! I’m 27 years young and was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’m married to my eternal sweetheart. We live in Phoenix, Arizona with our 1 year old son and I love it here! In December of 2019, we finished our semester of college in Rexburg, Idaho and moved back to his hometown in Glendale, Arizona.

For the last decade I’ve been part of the medical industry working as a full-time certified nursing assistant working at least 45-50 hours a week. Right after I got pregnant, Covid-19 hit and my husband and I thought it was best I stopped working. During this time, I looked at it as a miracle. My husband and I were able to spend more time together. Heavenly Father truly blessed us with opportunities to be with family 24/7. We prayed in faith and asked God to help us.

Soon enough, summer of 2021, he got an amazing job opportunity. He found his “nitch” and I was able to continue to be a stay at home mom. After awhile, I started to think for myself and a part of me started to feel unfulfilled. 6 months later, I crossed paths with an amazing business partner. She gave me the opportunity to have financial success. She’s now my mentor and friend who has supported and cared about my growth in this business. God truly answered my prayer, and I finally felt like I received my answer and calling. This soon became a burning desire to help others make their dream a reality. This opportunity is why I’m here and to help serve and transform other peoples’ lives!