My name is Francisca and in 2013 I started my weight loss journey after have my last child. I was obese with health conditions and did gastric bypass for my health I needed to see my 3 kids live out their life. It is a very mental roller coaster life threw my lemons I my lemonade. I been a Medical Assistant since 2006 be cause I live to help people hence present day. 8 years later tummy tuck and 360 lipo later I found out the importance of post op care but also maintenance. I went on my self love journey and to some I may not be their cup of time but I love my whole self completely and I want to give that back to woman. The non-invasive way less down time but consistency is the key. I am building this empire with the 3 who I get up and do it for daily my kids in order from oldest to youngest Samuel Citlali and Esmeray it’s a family affair we all contribute to Beautified Butterfly Bodies LLC  —

I’m made out of glitter and diamonds I shine to bright

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