*Natural Results*

Microblading is done using a very fine blade to deposit pigment into the epidermis. Because the color is closer to the surface, the strokes appear crisp and very fine giving a hair-like texture.

Includes Shaping/Color Consult and six week perfecting session. For those wanting a natural hair stroke look.

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Powder Brows/ Ombré

*Powder Makeup Look*

The powder fill method involves the application of thousands of tiny little dots of pigment, inserted into the skin, gradually building up a colour and a defined shape. It is the more traditional method of cosmetic tattoo and is usually achieved using a machine.

*Ombre’ brows: Includes Shaping/Color Consult and six week perfecting session. For those who want a very defined brow. Light in the front and dark on the ends.

*Powder Brows: Includes shaping/Color Consult and six week perfecting session. For those wanting a soft pixel effect.

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Microshading (Combo Brow)

*The best of both worlds*

Microshading is a manual technique that involves a combination of microblading and brow shading together. This technique creates more dense, fuller looking brows that appear to be powdered, but with hair strokes.

Includes Shaping/Color Consult and six week perfecting session. For those wanting hair strokes, but with a little more definition.

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Lip Blush Tattoo

Lip blushing is a form of semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that enhances the lips' natural tint and shape, giving them a boost and a glossy touch. It's designed to define and outline your lips, not to actually make them fuller. It gives the illusion that they're fuller, but in a very natural way.

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Keratin Lash Lift & Tint

A lash lift is like a perm for your lashes, but without all of the harsh chemicals. It lifts and curls your natural lashes to give a longer look that lasts from 4-6 weeks. Combined with a tint, it gives a darker, fuller, more dramatic appearance.


Brow Lamination & Tint

In brow lamination the brow are brushed upwards into a larger uniform shape that lasts from 4-6 weeks. This treatment is great for those looking to give their brows a fuller, fluffy appearance while adding a little color to define them.


Henna Brow Tinting

For those looking to shape up their brows and add color to give a more defined look. Lasts from 2-4 weeks.


Classic Eyelash Extensions

In a classic set, an individual lash extension is placed on your natural lash in a 1:1 ratio. We use cashmere lash extensions which are lighter and have a base that hugs the natural lash to give a stronger, longer lasting bond. These are great for those who have plenty of lashes, but want a fuller, longer look.


Hybrid/Volume Lash Extensions

In a volume kset, 3-5 light weight, fan like, cashmere extensions are applied to each one of your individual lashes. This provides a fuller, fluffy look and is great for those who have sparse or patchy lashes.


Winged or Classic Eyeliner (upper & lower lid)

Includes color consult and six week touchup. Ink is placed on the top or lower lid above eyelashes in desired thickness. Good for those who have trouble of applying eyeliner or want a dramatic winged look. *Lasts 1-2 yrs.

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Meet the Artist

✨Love your Look!✨

Hello! My name is Stephanie, I am a certified & licensed Permanent Makeup & Lash Artist. I want to provide a place where beauty and health come to a harmony. I started my path in the medical field and entered in cosmetics in early 2020. It became very clear to me that my mission and my role in this industry is in helping people to feel good and happy about themselves and their brows! A perfect shape of their brows, the happiness & and the appreciation that I get from my clients are worth everything. My specialty in the medical/beauty/cosmetic industry is truly providing a one of kind Micropigmentation experience and creating art (whether that be brows, lips, eyes, micropigmentation, etc.) that looks natural and realistic. I credit my eye for attention to small details. I love that I've been able to combine both of my passions together and create something so beautiful for each and every one of my clients.

Meet the Artist