Love laughter life is what it’s all about

Lipstick and Hair are my secret Weapons!

hi there- i’m jan from the south side of chicago. Being a mom to our wonderful daughter is one of the best gifts life has given me.. patience, love, laughter and tears all come with the territory. I’m married to my hubs Joel who is one of the kindest, hard working people I know... he stole my heart and the rest is history!
I’m also a “dog mom” to 2 girl Boston terriers... my husband is surrounded my women!
I worked in retail for 30+ years and now our again searching for the “right” home for me as a leader. I’m known for developing people, helping them to become bigger successes than they ever realized possible. Helping people is my passion and I have loved being a mentor, teacher and showing how you can be a boss but still be fun and work hard at the same time. Also known for being there to lend an ear, hand or a hug when needed. Being with a team of motivated, engaged and fun team members is what I love about being a leader.
I’m also a partner with a vegan, non-toxic hair and skin care brand. And I love helping others find the best hair and skin of their life! Plus it is a great community of women and men supporting each other on this journey.