About Creator:

Beauty Butter Bar is a local puertorican skincare and beauty brand created by Paola Román Goytía.

Paola Román Goytía is a nineteen year old full-time student in the field of Political Sciences and Legal Affairs. She has been involved in many other academic fields including Sciences, Psychology, Logic, and many others.

Paola characterizes herself as a hard-working, honest and passionate human being when it comes to helping others defending people under any kind of oppression.

Aside from being passionate on her studies and social matters, she's also very fond when it comes to Skincare, Beauty and Appearance matters. From a young age, Paola had thought and planned to create her own skincare products and for a way it could be accessible to many in an easy way, and so that's why she decided to take a chance on the online beauty businesses field by creating Beauty Butter Bar. By creating Beauty Butter Bar, Paola intends to transmit self-confidence and self-love through her handmade products.

To find more about the creator you can check on Instagram: @paolasophiapr

Beauty Butter Bar is a local puertorican brand that creates healthy, affordable and good looking products.

Our products are: Natural, Vegan, Animal Cruelty Free, Without Harsh Chemicals and Recyclable.

Main Products:

Whipped Body Butters, Whipped Foaming Scrub, Serums


Payment has to be received in order to process order, No Refunds or Devolutions, Once our products leave to USPS facilities, they're not our responsibility, We do not take responsibility for allergic reactions or damages. If any situation occurs please contact the following E-mail.