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Best selling smoothing shampoo

This shampoo for dry hair helps controls frizz, moisturizes intensely and transforms unmanageable locks into shiny, silky hair that looks healthy and beautiful. Made with a blend of kukui seed oil and Pro-Vitamin B5 to help boost shine and control frizz for hair that feels soft and manageable.

Best selling smoothing conditioner

This is my favorite conditioner ever! I love using it with the shampoo, it will make your hair feel 6x smoother. It’s made with a blend of kukui seed oil and Pro-Vitamin B5 to help boost shine and control frizz, moisturizes from inside out and makes your hair feel soft and manageable.

Womens vitamin & supplement pack

My favorite vitamin packet, I throw some in my purse and have them on hand so I never forget them! Each packet contains the following supplements: Daily Multivitamin and Multimineral • Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables • Cal Mag D • Hair, Skin & Nail Health

Collagen gummies

Take two gummies a day. Helps reveal your skin’s gorgeous healthy glow, promotes hair growth and thickness and strengthens your nails!

Gummies contain Collagen, vitamins C and E, Amla and Wheat Ceramides.

Collagen sleeping gummies

Take two before bed! Don’t forget the last step in your daily beauty routine: beauty sleep! Wind down for that all-important recharge time with melatonin and L-Theanine. The benefits keep going, as biotin helps support healthy-looking hair and nail growth, and antioxidants Rosemary and Vitamin, flavored with Tropical Fruit enhanced with honey!

Collagen shots

These shots are another fave of mine, I refrigerate mine and take one every morning! This delicious, cherry berry flavored shot is made with a powerful blend of collagen, hyaluronic acid and acerola cherry superfruit to help support healthy skin from the inside out. Promotes hair growth and strengthens nails. They’re convenient and ready to drink anytime, anywhere.

Briana Sanavongxay

Here’s my story...

My name is Briana Sanavongxay I am 23 years old. I was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona and don’t ever plan on leaving! I am married to my high school sweetheart Vincent Sanavongxay. We just got married on November 2, 2021. He manages the salon and helps me keep sane when things get crazy in the salon! Im the oldest out of 3, I have an 20 year old sister (she’s my assistant on the weekends) and a 19 year old brother (he’s my graphic designer). I have been doing hair for about 9 years already, crazy I know... Yes, I started doing hair when I was 14 years old! What’s even crazier is I still have a handful of clients that have followed me since I first started hair 9 years ago! What created this passion of being a hairstylist and salon owner is my mom, Leticia. She was a salon owner and cosmetology educator for 30 years. When I was younger (like 8-12 I used to sweep hair, clean the salon, and even wash hair, you could pretty much say that I’ve been in the industry my whole life.)

My mom closed the doors to her business about five years ago. After she closed the doors to her salon we rented from many salons because we weren’t quite ready to take ownership of a new business. And if I could be honest I wasn’t ready. But that took a quick turn, I was going to ASU for business communication, and ended up dropping out a year and a half in. I knew that school wasn’t going to help me accomplish my goals/dreams.

With the mentorship and guidance of my mom, and business mentors of mine, I opened the doors to my salon, Illusion Real Beauty Studio, on September 14, 2018 ! Honestly the best decision of my life was leaving school, it made me vulnerable (ego was in the way, cause sometimes you think you know everything) and open to mentorship in order to receive the guidance I needed to open my business. With that being said, I decided to name my salon after my mom’s salon. I wanted to keep the legacy going, I honestly couldn’t figure out any other names, and I knew that if I kept her salon name people would recognize/remember who we were! And THAT, is how Illusion Real Beauty Studio was born. I thank God for every opportunity that he has given me these past years and I can’t wait to see what else is going to happen in my salon and future projects! At Illusion Real Beauty Studio, you are making a young girls dream into a reality✨ The Illusion is absolutely
R E A L !