Just a Mom with an addiction to red bull, makeup, skincare, fashion, home decor, DIY'S and of course shopping!

Hi'ya, so as of right now (past me) is hiding in the bathroom from my gremlin's and will most likely will be again while you're reading this. (JK Karen don't shit in your granny panties) I've never done any of this professional stuff. Obviously, I'm sure you will find several typos or something in this paragraph. I'm in the process of trying to figure out what's so special about me and how to convince you all that I'm worthy of your likes and following 😂. Ahhh. I'm just a normal, burnt out, lost, dumbass young adult/mom trying to navigate, win over mental illness and kick life in it's ass in the sexiest way possible 🥲 I am the upcoming generation of badass, strong, independent, take-no-shit type of mother/woman. 😏
I guess to sum up & end this is, I don't have a niche or just ONE thing that society likes to stick on us. I do whatever makes me happy and I guess I'll share it all with the world in hopes to make you guys happy too. We're in this together. I love my family. I've loved all things that are creative since I was a tot. I am 24 years old but feel like I am 80. I love uplifting and educating others all while spreading advice, positive vibes and confidence. ❤️ All love & fun over here ❤️ I hope you all enjoy this wild messy ride with me.