Hello all! I’m Kaleigh

I know you’re wondering... what is it that I’m up to?!

Many of you know by now that I’m a little obsessed with anything girly. For example, some things I love are: shopping at online fashion stores, all things makeup, doing different things with my hair, maintaining youthful skin and appearance, etc. Beauty is fun! All women love expressing themselves this way! — Especially me. 😏

My career is also in sales so naturally I’m in love with networking, traveling, writing, creating, reading, and making new connections with people! I recently made a lifestyle change that has given me so much motivation and energy to help other ladyjanes love.love.love their skin and hair! I tried out a new product line that’s vegan and non-toxic and my hair & skin has improved so much. The improved strength, thickness, and growth of my hair is something I haven’t seen in years. My skin is the softest and plumpest it’s been in like.... I think my whole life 😭.

So, now you have a briefing on my new journey! Please take my hair and skin quizzes. It will be so fun! Based on your results I can recommend so many cool products and send you every detail of why they can help your specific type of hair or skin. Trust me, we have something for EVERYONE. This opportunity is also amazing for girls who are single moms, looking to work from home, or want the ultimate side gig! So lets have some fun and talk beauty! I’m excited! Talk soon 😊.

P.S. Swipe to page two for skin and opportunity quizzes!✨