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About Us

We are a hair salon and retail store located in the Galleria in Middletown, NY

We have knowledgeable and talented stylists not only help you look, but feel your best!

They know all of our salon quality products to keep your hair looking and feeling like you’ve just left the salon everyday

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule your next appointment with us!

Walk ins are welcome too!

Our business hours are as follows
Monday-Saturday: 11AM-7PM
Sunday: 11AM-6PM

For your convenience, we have other locations in New York and New Jersey!

Middletown, NY: (845)-692-6799
Warwick, NY: (845)-544-1968
West Nyack, NY: (845)-642-9761
Poughkeepsie, NY: (845)-298-2045
Ridgewood, NJ: (201)-444-5474

Top Picks

Our Stylists Favorite Products

Not only are our stylists talented, but they’re knowledgeable about our salon quality products

They can find and recommend any product to keep your hair looking salon fresh every day

We don’t do bad hair days here!



    We post products to show customers what we carry, what our professionals recommend, the sales we have going on, and to help educate everyone so they can find products that work for them

    Everyone’s hair is different and requires different products to help keep it looking amazing!

  2. Olaplex


    Olaplex works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds on the hair that is caused by thermal, chemical, and mechanical damage

    You can use olaplex to restore damaged hair or use it during a service for ultimate breakage insurance

  3. Moroccan Oil

    Moroccan Oil

    Moroccan oil is an amazing brand, it’s perfect for all hair types

    It’s great for repairing damage, maintaining health, eliminating frizz, and defining natural curls and waves!

    We have a large selection to choose from at all of our locations

  4. OPI Polish

    OPI Polish

    OPI polish is long lasting and has so many colors to choose from

    With their variety, the possibilities are endless!

    Unfortunately, we do not offer nail services, but we have a vast variety of colors and we also have other tools and supplies for you to get a salon fresh manicure from home!

    Our pricing is as follows:
    • $5.59 each

    • $15 for 3

    • $3 for any discontinued colors we have in stock

  5. Deva Curl

    Deva Curl

    Deva Curl is a brand that makes hair products for textured hair, from wavy to super curly

    Textured hair requires different products than other hair types to help define and shape the curls or waves

  6. Tea Tree Scalp Care

    Tea Tree Scalp Care

    When your hair begins thinning and it’s not due to something medical, our Tea Tree line from Paul Mitchell is what you need

    We use all kinds of products every day to keep our hair looking the way we want, those products cause build up on our scalp
    That build up can cause clogged pores, so when our hair sheds naturally, new hair isn’t able to regrow causing our hair to look and feel thinner

    Not to mention, product built up causes dandruff!

    Our Tea Tree line can help cleanse the scalp, unclogging the pores, removing dandruff and help hair grow in as it should

  7. Paul Mitchell

    Paul Mitchell

    Paul Mitchell has an incredible variety of hair care products and we have it!

    During the heat we are having this summer, we are loving their “Skinny” line to help reduce and maintain frizz!

    Wonderful for all hair types, this is what you need to either keep your hair straight and smooth or keep your curls defined and under control, looking perfect and salon fresh everyday

  8. Color Last

    Color Last

    Got colored hair?

    Matrix color last is our salons go to after any of our color services!

    We recommend it to maintain the color as it’s sulfate and paraben free!

Meet Our Team

Meet each of our stylists, view their schedule, and find out who provides the services you’re looking for!


Our Front Desk Team

Yemi, Ari, Andrea, and Karen are our front desk team!

They have all been in the industry for years and have excellent knowledge of our salon quality products

They also know where all the best deals are!

If you’re looking for a product and we don’t have it, they can take your information and order it, then call you when it comes in!


Jesus is one of our master barbers

He works with all hair types for men and boys and is also bilingual (Spanish)

Jesus specializes in fades, tape ups, and more

Call to schedule with him!

Jesus is here Wednesday’s through Sundays 11:30 AM until close


Teresa is a master stylist who works with men, women, and children and is also bilingual (Spanish)

She specializes in color services of all kinds, as well as hair cuts!

Teresa works Tuesday through Sunday 12-close

Call us to schedule your next appointment with her


Christine is one of our master stylists, she works with men, women, and children

She offers all kinds of services from color, highlights, hair cuts, blow outs, eyebrow waxing, perms, and so much more

Christine works Saturday through Wednesday 12PM to 5:30PM

Call to schedule your next appointment!


Gisela is a master stylist who works with men, women, and children and is also bilingual (Spanish)

She specializes in all kinds of hair cuts, styles, colors, and more

Gisela is here Monday, Tuesday, Thursday through Saturday from 1PM to close

Give us a call to schedule your next appointment!


Jezebel is one of our stylists that specializes in ALL hair types

She does relaxers, braids, extensions, blow outs, hair cuts, color services, and more

Jezebel schedules by appointment only, please call us for your next appointment!


Monique is one of our stylists that work with ALL hair types

She specializes in braids, wash and sets, color, hair cuts, styles, and more!

Monique schedules by appointment only, please call us to schedule with her!