Episode 1

Trading Conversations


Stories. Strength. Survival.

Her loss is my loss. Her strength is my strength. She is my sis. We will win!

Explore stories and my take on pregnancy and loss for superstars and the lessons that I have learned from their boldness and their ability to make a trade.


Mothering: Lessons from Beyoncé

“Having miscarriages taught me that I had to mother myself before I could be a mother to someone else.” Mothering is not just a role but a space we must create, Beyoncé’s transparency got me to asking have I given myself the mothering opportunity I need before I walk down this road of trying again?


Still-Living: Thoughts on Stillbirth @dae_williams

👼🏾 Mama and stillbirth survivor gets honest and candid about life after stillbirth and finding new purpose in the midst of pain. Learn how she reaffirmed the concept of fertility through faith.


WTF(ertility): Blasting Fertility Status Married 2 Medicine

Now I am all for supporting women, bonding with those who share challenges, and empowering them to make the ultimate trade. But when Dr. Jackie shares Dr. Buffie’s womb status I felt the drink that should’ve gone across the room!


Surrogacy Goals: Kandi Buriss Changes the Narrative

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. We all know the nursery rhyme but now it’s so engrained that we shame the way the carriage looks or the order our life goes in. Kandi Burris shattered the norm of what that carriage looks like...


WTF(ertility) Weaponizing Fertility: RHOA Eva Marcel Skrrrt

I can’t name the number of scenes I’ve watched where Eva hits a cast member with a 1-2 punch 🥊 normally centered around being a mother or fertility. Has she ever considered how angel mamas around the world may feel when she flippantly ....

Her Story

Millennial Angel 👼🏾 Mamas trading in their ashes for the beauty of God.

🤰🏽 1 in 4 women will experience some form of pregnancy loss in their lifetime.

🤰🏽 African-American women are twice as likely to suffer a late-pregnancy loss

Beauty for Ashes is a safe, bold, and transformative space for angel mamas of color to both grieve and grow through their loss.


Candid Christian woman who shares her journey about faith, race, & fertility. Believing in trading your ashes for the beauty of God has led her to transfer her faith to other angel mamas🌸