SEINT Beauty w/ Amanda

SEINT Artist


My name is Amanda and I found SEINT in Nov 2020. The world was in the middle of a pandemic, I had just lost my mother unexpectantly, leading to my husband and I making a life changing decision to move back home to be with my dad. My mother in law is in a LTC home, which of course had its own stressors at the same time. I work Full Time (and then some) doing a job that is emotionally and physically exhausting on a good day - don't get me wrong I love it - but it takes a piece of your soul everyday lol. This lead me to looking for something fun that could be used to counter balance the stress and every day demands I was going through.

I had never been one to wear makeup outside of weddings, funerals and job interviews but I wanted something to help get me out of the comfort zone I was creating for myself. I jumped in both feet and have never looked back!

SEINT's 3D Foundation is made up of a brightener highlight, main highlight, and a contour shade. The makeup is a cream foundation and it blends beautifully. Honestly, the transformation is mind blowing 🤯.

SEINT also has some of the best double-ended brushes, highly pigmented eyeshadows, versatile lip n cheeks and amazing skincare line I have ever used.

But the best part....the magnetic pallet to put it all in! It comes in many different sizes to meet your current and future needs.

This makeup is easy and compact to meet mine/your on-the-go lifestyle!

Take a look around my website and browse my shopping link to see everything SEINT has to offer, but please reach out to me if you have any questions, I love meeting new people and having an opportunity to chat during these crappy times lol.

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