Hi, I’m Rabeca!

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My Journey to Better started February 4th, 2021. During this month I did a lot of research of long lasting alternatives healthier ways of life, learned how to eat Low Carb, did grocery shopping at places I’ve never been before such as “Sprouts” snd “Whole Foods”, implemented a 30 minute walk on the treadmill and completely altered my mind to think a certain way that I have never thought before.

Then on March 1st I started an even Better Journey with the help of Ketones and (OMG) has it changed My Life! Truth, is I was introduced to Ketones about a year prior to this date and was Skeptical and Unsure to try. I let a whole year go by before I said, “Ok I’m In” and I’m so glad I did! Ketones has helped me with clean long lasting Energy (no crash), Increased Focus, Suppressed my Appetite, Controlled Cravings, better Sleep, better Mood, Decreased Bloating, Fat Loss (50+lbs down) , Muscle Preservation, helped with My Digestion and Metabolism and put me in Ketosis within 59 minutes or less.

My entire Life and Health situation transformed for the Better. I am now 50+lbs down and no longer taking High Blood Pressure medication. My Husband has now jumped on board and We do this Together! Who would’ve thought something so simple would have made such a huge impact in the utmost positive way!

Just want to be 1% Better Each and Every Day and Share on how you can do the same!

Thankful. Grateful. Blessed.

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